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Coin Tools is an open source software which utilizes various RESTAPI calls to display, calculate and deeply analyze market data from various Bitcoin websites and exchanges in detail, including arbitrage opportunities. In addition, it has other features such as mining tools that allow you to control your miners remotely and address storage page to watch wallets of all possible cryptocurrencies. In short Coin Tools aims to be the swiss knife of Bitcoin software and the only information platform a Bitcoin enthusiast would need. Coin Tools supports all existing cryptocurrencies.

The reason this project started was out of laziness, I grew tired of looking at multiple websites as well as using calculators and copying and pasting values from web-pages. This project was done using only C# Visual Studio .NET Libraries coupled with a few other open source libraries, I created a Cryptocurrency Monitor. It mainly has been used to calculate profits/losses for myself. It enabled me to view several websites data all at once and to monitor the worth of my portfolio.


- marketlist.txt - You can re-arrange the list of the order of the markets. Put your favorite markets on top of this list and save the text file.

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